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Software is equally important to the success of any digital signage project and we can help you find the best solution for your next project.

All Linso displays are provided with standard screen management software encompassing both screen configuration and content and playlist mangement.

Linso screens are designed with flexibility in mind, and will work with industry leading content managment solutions such as Scala, Rise Vision, Signage Live and many others. By providing a standard DVI input signal into each screen, any combination of input software and hardware can be accommodated.  For example, software can be written to run on Mac, Windows or Linux that can feed any kind of visual data into the screen (e.g. Twitter feeds, or interactive website based applications).

Screen and hardware configuration

Screen configuration, including advanced monitoring of screen functions can be performed using our Windows-based configuration application.  When used in combination with additional monitoring cards it is possible to achieve several functions.

Some of the advanced hardware features that can be provided include:

1) automatically changing screen brightness based on the value of a light sensor.  This can save significant  energy by adapting the screen brightness to environmental conditions.

2) Monitoring the status, temperature and fan-speed of the cabinets and components.

3) Controlling the fan speed based on temperature, or activating external air conditioning systems to maintain the optimum operating temperature in thermally challenging environments (e.g. desert locations).

4) Automatically controlling the power supplies used to power the LED screen modules.  This allows you monitor the voltage across each supply, which can help to identify potential future failure.  The system also allows for screens to be completely powered-down using the software, which can save significant energy.  On powering the screen again, you can assign ramp-up profiles for each power supply, which can help to avoid the spike in current-flow that can often happen when switching on power supplies simultaneously.

5) Automatic fail-over of receiving cards when network signal is lost due to the failure of a card in the display loop. Dual-redundant data connections help to minimise whole-screen outages.

Digital Signage Software and Hardware

Due to the open nature of Linso hardware we can integrate to almost any signage hardware or software application.

Linso engineers can advise on the best combination of software for your particular project.  Many Linso clients require the ability to control their screens remotely over the internet, and Linso can also help to design a 3G or 4G based network of displays using industry standard hardware routers, featuring adanced cloud-based control. This system will allow you to quickly manage the content on all of your displays using only a web browser.

Linso have also provided bespoke software design and consulting to several clients.  For example, we recently designed a live results display system for the prestigious Isle of Man TT races, which gave spectating fans instant access to the live timing system located many miles away over a 3G data connection.  This was broadcast using a Linso T5 trailer at the official fan-zone grandstand locations and used advanced HTML5 technology written by Linso engineers.  This is all made possible due to the open nature of Linso's hardware and software, and our belief in offering you maximum flexibility.

Be sure to talk to us today about your next digital signage project.  We can advise on many areas including media player hardware, software and 3G/4G network design.

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