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Carrera, Digital Advertising Isle of Man.

Linso LED screens are the visual communications technology of the future, for many reasons. The screens offer brilliant visibility, amazing reliability, remote control ability, a long lifespan (up to 10 years), low maintenance, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency and complete flexibility in sizes. Furthermore, as the technology evolves, so do the almost limitless applications.

One of Linso's clients, Carrera is currently placing screens across the Isle of Man. They currently have 2 outdoor LED screens in M&S and 1 indoor mobile LED screen in Exchange house in Douglas. Linso have also been the digital solutions and innovations provider since the first screens went up. Linso are responsible for the physical LED screen, the media player, content and scheduling of all advertising on the screens.

Kelly Smith, Sales Manager at Linso believes that interactive content and "live" advertising is at the forefront of digital advertising trends and the future of outdoor media. "Brands need more than a static and dull billboard to reach their audience. They need a platform from which to interact with their consumers. By integrating brand messages and social media platforms through LED technology, this is made possible," explains Kelly.

"This is just the beginning," remarks Kelly. "Soon it will be the norm for brands and media agencies to develop interactive content and messaging strategies as part of their marketing campaigns."