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LED displays for sports


Take your event to the next level with Linso LED sports displays. Ideal for live footage during the event, or as an engaging advertising solution, LED displays will capture the attention of your fans.

Linso LED displays are available in a variety of different sizes and resolutions and can be fitted both indoors and outdoors with the option of waterproof IP65 outdoor cabinets. Linso's TV-safe stadium LED displays can be built to any specification and size that you require. The screens can be configured and controlled using fibre-optic technology, giving the option to display live action or score-boards from your event.

Our LED perimeter displays are specifically designed for live sporting matches, incorporating several safety features to protect players and the screen alike. Perimeter displays are ideal for for in-event messaging and advertising signage.

In addition to traditional fixed and perimeter LED displays, our vehicle-mounted LED display range gives you the flexibility to locate your display right next to the action, which is useful for events that are spread over many different locations (e.g. golf or rallying).