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LED display solutions for retail


From giant outdoor displays that can transform the external impact of an entire mall, to column wraps or curvy semi-transparent mesh screens, Linso can turn your dream design into a major feature with great payback potential. Our high-resolution displays are the perfect way to catch the attention of passing customers and can be fitted inside any store or embedded into your store-front. Choose almost size or shape of screen and, even in high ambient light, LED gets noticed where other displays may lack impact. Worldwide, Linso's large LED displays are used by major shopping centres to generate high income advertising both indoor and outdoor.

Compared to static advertising, the benefits of digital displays in the retail environment extend far beyond increased advertising revenues and the ability to instantly update content from wherever your message is controlled. Broadcast of live video, public information announcements, website content - including interactive twitter feeds - all can be combined with advertising to make an indoor or outdoor Linso digital display a major feature of your shoppers' experience.

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