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More than 5,000 customers worldwide have chosen Linso to supply their LED display solutions and the majority of these are at outdoor sites. From the world's largest radian screen and roadside displays throughout Asia, to shopping centres in Spain and massive advertising displays in Kazakhstan, our engineers will deliver your project on time and on budget.

Animation and dynamic content allow creative story telling and interaction in a way not possible with traditional static Out Of Home (OOH) advertising. Digital OOH allows for realtime streaming and remote updating of content, as well as the looping of multiple advertisments, to maximise revenue. Remote updating allows for the use of User Generated Content and social media in advertising campaigns, widely considered to greatly increase marketing effectiveness. The far greater levels of brightness and contrast make digital signage far more engaging and eye-catching than traditional printed advertisments, while also eliminating printing costs. In areas with longer dwell times, LED technology can be used in conjunction with social media and smart phones to engage consumers through interactive marketing campaigns.

The ability to now provide day-parting also is significant. A single digital display can run coffee ads in the morning, food ads mid-day and beer ads in the evening to generate interest based on the time of day. The initial cost will be understandably higher for these digital displays than for their static forebears. However, the impact and versatility of these dynamic, eye-catching large-format displays have proven to provide the needed return on investment to more than make up for the difference.

Linso can supply many different types of outdoor LED display. Our range includes static outdoor LED displays, vehicle-mounted or trailer displays, aluminium cabinets for rental applications, and LED mesh, which can be applied to buildings and structures. Contact us today to discuss different options for your next LED project.

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