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Isle of Man TT 2015

Linso deployed three LED screens at the 2015 Isle of Man TT, featuring cutting edge technology making it possible to read them in full sunlight.

The first display, a P4 'iPhone'-style screen was situated in the VIP area at the grandstand. To test different finishes its ultra-shallow aluminium casing (dimensions: 1660mm*770mm*120mm) was spray-painted semi-gloss black. The design incorporates three heat sensor controlled fans and a hollow base; allowing natural airflow to help regulate its temperature. The screen was used to display real time twitter updates from the official Isle of Man TT account, as well as public safety information from the Isle of Man Constabulary, controlled by our advertising content management system.

A second P4 LED screen, deployed in an M5 vehicle, was also positioned at the VIP hospitality centre. Weighing only 1025 kgs, with external dimensions of: 3100mm*1400mm*2000mm, it is a light and dynamic advertising vehicle. The P4 LED Screen is on a hydraulic system which allows it to be lifted above the buggy whilst stationary. The electric powered vehicle is cost effective and environmentally friendly. The M5 showed the crowd real-time Isle of Man TT top positions, current laps and qualifying times. Controlled wirelessly by our advertising management system, this made the perfect race track scoreboard and accessory. Furthermore, it features a scrolling light box which displays alternating adverts on the opposite side of the buggy to the LED screen.

Linso's third LED display was situated in one of the busiest commercial sites at the main Isle of Man TT Grandstand. This screen, which was mounted 2.5 meters above the shop floor, was made out of our latest lightweight Aztec LED units.

Aztec Cabinets are 500mm*500mm*73mm and are ultra light, weighing only 4.3kg.

Linso supplies indoor and outdoor Aztec cabinets and for this project we used P3.9 indoor cabinets. The Aztec LED series utilises polymer nanotechnology, giving it high precision and seamless connections. It has a unique design with multiple connections and easy to operate connectors. This allows you to create diverse shapes in vertical and horizontal planes and curves within ±15° for innovative installions.

For the grandstand shop we chose to place 6 pieces of 3.9 indoor modules in a horizontal concave rectangle structure, measuring 500mm*3000mm*77mm. Hanging beams were added to the LED display in seconds by upright connectors. This allowed the LED display to be suspended securely from ceiling beams. It displayed adverts and video which captured attention, resulting in shop sales.

Linso's LED displays are solid state devices which have no moving parts, except for the cooling fans on some products. They produce little heat, and are at least five times as energy efficient as incandescent devices. Furthermore, they are lightweight and can be mounted or manoeuvred easily. Choices of sizes, shapes and colours to suit any project are available.

LED technology is perfect for large applications such as motorsport advertising and live displays. This is because LED technology has several inherent advantages over comparable technology such as LCD and plasma screen. With LED, size of digital displays can be made larger, as LED screens are scalable, being modular. By adding more cabinets to the original, the size of the screen can be enhanced. This is not the case with LCD and plasma screen technology, where size of screen is not expandable beyond a point.

Given its overall advantages, comparatively low cost of operation, and undeniable high quality output, LED technology is here to stay. For in-stadia advertising, it guarantees investors a good return on investment, and effective results in terms of enhanced sales and brand recall.

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