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About Linso

About Linso

About Linso

Linso is a world leader in providing high-tech LED display solutions, both static and mobile, with over 5000 worldwide installations for the advertising, retail, sports stadia and public information sectors.From its 8000m² (86,000 sq ft) manufacturing, technical and service centre in Shanghai China, the company produces a wide range of displays ranging from small mobile trailers up to 1400m² (15,000 sq ft), static displays and entire TV studios.

Constant investment in LED technology and creative product development has won Linso significant market share, not only in China, but more recently in South Korea, Australia, Spain and Brazil. Linso Europe is able to offer UK and other European territories this exciting and comprehensive product range, coupled with European support and maintenance. The company has 250 employees developing, manufacturing and distributing LED displays and specialist lighting products internationally.

If you need displays for advertising, TV broadcasting, public information, traffic signage or entertainment, Linso has a solution for you; we deliver innovative, creative, efficient and cost-effective solutions for indoor, outdoor and mobile LED applications and can supply just about any size or shape imaginable.

Recent projects include a complete floor and wall systems for a major museum in Shanghai and for the famous Real Madrid Football Club Museum. Our mobile division have also produced small trailers that display 3D holograms, as well as a steady stream of sophisticated customized units incorporating rotating screens, showrooms, staging and offices. One of the world's biggest indoor screens (720m²) and a huge 1400m² outdoor screen have been supplied by Linso in recent years.

The company's mobile screens range in size from 2 sq ms up to over 50 sq ms whilst some of our custom 'bespoke' designs are unsurpassed for attention-grabbing impact.

More than 5,000 customers worldwide have chosen Linso to supply their LED displays. From the world's largest curved screens, to motorway traffic gantries throughout Asia, to shopping centres and advertising displays in Spain, we deliver whatever is required on time and on budget.

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